Sales Team Coaching

Sales Professionals are challenged to meet customer demands and organizational sales goals; top performing teams work together to accomplish both. Our exceptional coach-approach aligns sales professionals, their leaders and those who support the sales process so they all achieve exceptional results. Examples of our customized coaching includes:

Coaching a Team of Superstars
Designed for sales professionals who operate independently and have individual goals but can benefit from sharing best practices, resources, information and contacts.

Jumpstart the Team
Designed for newly formed, merged or reorganized teams who must hit the ground running. Also beneficial for teams under new leadership or teams in need of new energy and momentum.

Product Launch
When a lot is riding on a new product, you can’t afford to take a wait-and-see approach to whether the launch team can work together to pull it off. The Target Coaching program brings those responsible for producing, selling and supporting a new product or service and gets them focused, aligned and on track.

Other services include: