Group Coaching

Today’s budgets just don’t stretch far enough to provide 1:1 coaching for all top performers. Group Coaching maximizes the combined energy, experience and wisdom of individual leaders and provides the following benefits:

More Impact, Lower Cost: Reach more leaders and high potential performers at a significantly lower per-capita cost than 1:1 coaching.

Change Management: Translate action plans into reality by receiving feedback and support from the entire group over an extended period of time.

Training Reinforcement: Accelerate and multiply learning and action as participants benefit from one another’s experiences, perspectives, challenges and skills.

Accountability: Learn to correct and challenge others in a direct, natural and non-threatening way to increase commitment and follow-through.

Relationship Intelligence: Increase collaboration, flexibility and openness to other ideas; build feelings of connection and common purpose, empathy and bonds that cross organization charts and department boundaries.

Other services include: