Organizations have one goal: results.
Today, more than ever, leaders are on the line to do more with less while in the midst of constant change. They canít tolerate unproductive performance or find out months from now that their team is dysfunctional or ineffective.

Teamwork makes the difference.
With so much at stake, successful leaders strike the right balance between emphasizing results and creating an environment where people work together and perform at their best. Leaders recognize that great teamwork drives top performance.

Cornerstone Team Development builds great teams.
We provide a model and a map to develop amazingly productive teams that people really want to be a part of. Cornerstone Team Development specializes in training, facilitating and coaching high-performing teams.

Key facts about Team Development
Compared with their isolated coworkers, those with just one collaborative relationship are 29% more likely to say they will stay with their company for the next year and 42% more likely to intend to remain with their current employer for their entire career. Wagner and Muller, 2009

In a survey of over 1,400 corporate executives, educators and individual contributors, 97% believe employees are more engaged with their companies when silos, politics and competition are replaced with alignment, collaboration and partnership. Fierce Inc., 2011

Team effectiveness hinges not just on deciding what must be accomplished but also how team members will work together. Devoting time to create a team charter enables teams to perform up to 50% higher than those who just focus on task performance. Mathieu and Rapp, 2009

Helping Leaders and Teams Achieve a New Level of Performance